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Contest Process ★ Must Read ★

Global Leadership English Challenge (GLEC) is an international English speaking/essay contest for teenagers on the subject of the UN and Sustainable Development Goals, mainly hosted by Hope to the Future Association, a Civil Society Organization associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. Prior to participation, all must sign up to the official website, www.gleader.org/ with their own personal details. Please make sure to upload your photo to your profile.

Below are the qualifications for the contest. Please make sure that you are on the right stage.


Sortation Criterion
Age 11 to 24 with Korean nationality (No experience or less than a year of experience of staying abroad for the past 3 years)


(Overseas Residence Experienced)
Sortation Criterion


The First Step to GLEC Global is to apply for Regional Preliminary Round that is being hosted at the main cities of the GLEC hosting countries. The round will be based online in order to raise accessibility for a wider range of students.
  • Duration : One month (30 days)
  • Venue : Online-based for high accessibility (www.gleader.org)
  • Participants : Students aged from Grade 4  to University students
  • Nationality : 
           -  Speech : All nationalities
           - Essay : All nationalities
  • Preparatory Documents :
            -  Speech : Application Form, Photo ID, and Speech Record File, and Speech Script
            -  Essay : Application Form, Photo ID, and Essay

The next step to GLEC Global is to apply for Regional Final Round that is being hosted at the local universities or educational institutions in each GLEC city. Those who received a qualification from the online preliminary round will be invited to the contest.
For the Speech section, the applicant is required to deliver a 3~5 minutes of speech on one of the goals of the SDGs in front of examiners without reading the script. For the Essay section, the test format is very similar to TOEFL Writing section. The applicant is required to type an essay (500~700 words) on one of the goals of the SDGs within 50 minutes.
Both of the section highly recommends the applicant to thoroughly understand the given topic, to analyze the status quo, and to ultimate suggest a solution in the perspective of the youth, the future generation of our society.
  • Duration : 2 days (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Venue : University in each GLEC city 
  • Participants : Qualified applicants from Online Preliminary Round based on GLEC scoring criteria
  • Examiners : UN Experts (Officials from the UN Department and International Organizations) and English Professors
Hope to the Future Association supports the Sustainable Development Goals.