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'Global GLEC Conference (GGC)' is an international academic conference where worldwide GLEC winners from Korea, Vietnam, India, China, and Japan, and talented students from each country interact with one another. Participants from all around the globe will be able to seek methods of cooperation on the international agenda through lectures of UN experts and team debates related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, students are expected to develop capacity as global citizens through opportunities to cultivate global leadership, exchange or experience various cultures and develop their future careers through presentation training and career development sessions. The conference is originally planned to be held in-person, however, venues may change considering the worldwide Covid-19 circumstances.

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Winners from Global GLEC Conference are awarded:

Grand Award

presented by Park Soo-Gil

World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), Honorary President


United Nations Headquarters Youth Outreach Program (9 Nights/11 Days, New York, Geneva)

(All academic and financial support for local education expenses, travel expenses excluded)

Reference: Final Report from 17th Training Program Graduates (click)

Largest and Premier UN-theme English Competition,

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