Intensive SDGs Study Group

Intensive SDGs Study Group is an intensive and professional English class based on the high-end English books selected by the UN selection committee including the UN publications and the International Publisher Association in New York, USA. Based on the International Model UN curriculum, the study club consists of individual/group English discussions and presentations on the book, Model iBT TOFEL test, and expert feedback based on the US Educational Testing Service (ETS).

UN Books Reading Activity

  • Reading books chosen by the UN Selection Committee
  • In-depth education based on the SDGs

Essay Writing

  • Writing book reports and essays on the monthly theme
  • Expert feedback based on the US Educational Testing Service (ETS)

UN Agenda Presentation

  • Individual presentation based on case studies
  • Meeting with young leaders/experts

UN Report Analysis

  • Analyzing the UN annual reports
  • Discussing on issues to consider suggested by UN agencies


※ Detailed schedules are subject to change upon consultations.

Week 1

Understanding the UN SDGs

Monthly Theme Study

SDGs Target Analysis / Indicator Analysis

Week 2

Debate based on the books from the UN Selection Committee

Short English Presentation (Individual / 3 mins.)

Book Report Assignment

Academic Writing 1 - Academic Vocabulary

  • Words not to use in academic writing
  • Inappropriate words and phrases
  • Expanding academic vocabulary
Week 3SDGs Study
Academic Writing 2 - Organizing Paragraphs
  • Structuring a text
  • Linking ideas
  • Answering the question properly
Week 4Citation Guidelines
Academic Writing 3 - Case Studies
  • Executive Summary – Background – Case Evaluation – Proposed Solutions – Conclusion – Implementation – References
Week 5UN Report AnalysisAcademic Writing 4 - Academic Report Guidelines
Week 6SDGs Global Issue Presentation - Career-related individual presentation (5-6 mins.)
Week 7

Academic Writing Final - SDGs Essay Guidelines

Week 8Online Discussion with UN/NGO Experts
Essay Feedback Based on ETS  Criterion and TOEFL Writing Standards

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