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GLEC is welcoming all young participants who are interested in challenging their English skills and knowledge on global issues, especially supporting the United Nations and its agenda throughout the world. This is an annual UN-related premier English competition bringing more than 800 students from over 8 Asian countries. Participants are expected to share their views on current issues and offer potential solutions to multifaceted global problems on the given themes based on their grade level.


Create your GLEC account and choose which entry field you would like to compete for. Speech? Essay? Or both? Inspire the globe on how each of us can make a difference in the world. 

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Anyone who is selected as a nominee passes the first round as a qualified finalist once the preliminary requirements are received. Request your teacher for the recommendation form!

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Any general or nominated applicants who finished the first few steps, now it's time to submit your entry files online. Visit our unique submission platform and share the young minds.

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Broaden your horizons and opportunities by writing and speaking on current global issues and the United Nations Agenda. Only winners will receive UN-related prizes!

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All deadlines are 23:59 (KST, GMT+9) on the dates specified below.

March 6, 2023

Online Applications Open

April 16, 2023

Entry File Submissions Close

Preliminary Round

  • Registrations are open to students from grade 4 to 12
  • Any applicants regardless of nationality who are willing to participate must create a GLEC account by signing up for the website.
  • If you are willing to participate as a Nominated Applicant who automatically passes the preliminary round, please request a signed recommendation form (download here) from your school teacher.
  • Applicants must submit the entry files (Speech: speech script and voice recording, Essay: full essay) through the GLEC Online Platform.

May 1, 2023

Final Round Registrations Open

May 10, 2023

Final Round Registrations Close

Final Round

  • If you are selected as a finalist, confirm your participation to the final round by purchasing the final round tickets.
  • Nominated Applicants who were exempted from paying the application fee must buy the final round tickets.
  • Individual final round schedules (Date, Time, Zoom link, etc.) will be announced after the registration period.

Largest and Premier UN-theme English Competition,

Compete Global, Grow Global

Get to know the crises our globe is facing, share your views on the agenda,

and offer your own creative solutions on earth!