Speech Competition

The Global Leadership English Challenge aims to drive meaningful youth engagement and to increase the work of young changemakers throughout the world. Thus, based on GLEC Scoring Criteria (Content (Knowledge, Organization, Originality, Expression) and Style (Language, Eloquence, Fluency, Body Language)), any submissions including the creativity, the visibility of youth action, and research on SDGs will be highly rated.

What is the topic?

GLEC supports the United Nations Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

You can find your essay topics here, and each participant must memorize the script submitted in the preliminary round.

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines will help the participants understand the competition procedure. Participants who failed to follow this rule will be disqualified.


Preliminary Round

The preliminary round for the GLEC is open through the GLEC Online Platform where each registered applicant can log in and submit the entry files (full speech script & voice record file). All applicants are highly recommended for a comprehensive study on a given topic before the file submission, based on the reference articles provided by the GLEC Secretariat.


Entry File Submission (Nominees must submit the entries.)

If you are fully registered for the GLEC competition, log in to the platform and complete your entry file submissions by directly typing the script (do not copy and paste) and uploading the voice record file (.mp3, .wav, .m4a) on the website.

Only fully registered applicants can access the platform with their personal information (Username, Date of Birth (yyyymmdd)). If any applicant encounters difficulties logging in to the platform, inquire GLEC Secretariat at glec@hopetofuture.org for login details.


Final Round

The final round of competition will be held online via the online conference platform Zoom, therefore participants should make sure that the supporting equipment and devices are completely available (Laptop/PC with functioning camera and speaker, microphone, and internet connection).

The individual final round date/time will be informed individually after the final round registration period only to those who have completed the registration fee payment.


Rules on Speech

  • Each participant must be present at Zoom at least 5 (five) minutes before the Entrance Time indicated in the Identification Slip. Each time slot will be assigned with up to 10 participants, and the staff will call out the participants' names who are going next.

  • As part of a monitoring and further examination, the entire contest procedure will be recorded. All participants are considered to consent to the video/audio recordings and the use of recordings being used by the GLEC Secretariat. The use of recordings may include: supervision, examination, edit, website post, etc.

  • Prior to the speech, participants must set their speaking area:
  1. Participants must stand at least 1 meter from the camera and show their faces and half of their bodies. Ensure that the camera is mounted or secured to prevent movement during the speech.
  2. Ensure that virtual backgrounds or blurred images should not be used during the speech to prevent any dishonest acts. Anyone but the speaker must not be in the room during the speech.

  • Participants must memorize the script and should not bring cue cards or scripts for their speeches. Looking directly into the lens is equivalent to giving proper eye contact, and reading the scripts represents a poorly prepared speech.