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Global Leadership English Challenge (GLEC) is an English Speaking and Writing contest on the topics of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the world facing seemingly unresolvable matters, which range from environmental issues to refugee crises, GLEC aims to raise awareness and understanding of contemporary global issues among the participating students. Participants are expected to share their views on current issues and offer potential solutions to multifaceted global problems on the given themes based on their grade level.

List of Benefit Programs

* All winners will be given the participation ticket for the Global GLEC Conference.

* All benefits are valid for 2 years from the date of award, and the details may be added or varied depending on the size of the total number of applicants after the preliminary round.

* All benefits are organized online.

Global GLEC Conference

International academic conference for the winners of worldwide GLEC and international youths

It includes:

  • Lectures by UN specialized agencies or international organizations
  • Special seminar and career developing session with former UN ambassadors
  • In-depth debate and conference related to the UN agenda

Training Program on the United Nations

Premier pedagogical program on the UN agenda led by UN high representatives and staff from international organizations

It includes:

  • UN briefings from the UN headquarters
  • Keynote speech from ambassadors or international organization staff
  • Career development sessions by UN-intern and Ivy League undergraduates
  • Team debate and presentation on the UN agenda

UN SDG Book Club: Intensive Reading/Writing Study

Youth book discussion group in support of the UN Publications and the UN Selection Committee

It includes:

  • Written/spoken book discussions led by the UN training program graduates
  • Ivy League mentorship and special leadership sessions
  • Academic writing guidelines

Yale Model United Nations

4-day high-level international relations simulation with nearly 2000 high school students

It includes:

  • Research on historical disputes and conflicts
  • Investigation on humanitarian crises and responses
  • Workshop opportunity to learn from Yale students and professors

WFUNA International Model United Nations

Most accurate simulation of the United Nations awarded the Best Large Conference

It includes:

  • Research on current issues being handled by the UN
  • Training workshops by UN officials
  • Briefings on crucial agendas by UN agencies

UN / SDGs Gift Box

Gift boxes including the official UN souvenirs and books from the UN Selection committee

It includes:

  • UN Emblem Desktop Flag
  • UN Emblem Teddy Bear
  • SDG Pin Sets

ETS Criterion

Online writing evaluation service with comprehensive writing solution for higher-level writing skills

It includes:

  • Immediate, automated scoring and diagnostic review
  • In-depth customizable reports
  • A Writer's Handbook

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