If any participants are awarded for both Speech and Essay, they will also receive the winner benefits for both sectors. They can apply for the program based on their schedules since all winner benefits are valid for 2 years.

As an international NGO, we, Hope to the Future Association, do not grant any prizes in cash which unables us to track. Any prizes are only available in the form of full (or partial) financial support for education expenses for the benefit programs.

[Preliminary Round]

All participants will be asked to submit a full essay based on the given topic within 500 to 700 words through an online platform. Only topic-relevant contents will be evaluated, and student nominees are waived to submit any essays in the preliminary round since they will be asked to write a new full essay for the final round.

[Final Round]

The topics for the final round will be newly presented on the date of the final round, still based on the main SDG goal. Therefore, all participants are recommended an overall study beforehand.

For the final round, all participants will be asked to join the Zoom room at their designated times and the competition will be conducted using the Internet Based Test (iBT) method with all the screens being recorded. Any participants will be given 50 minutes to finish their essays.

Plagiarism, surfing the internet, using shortcuts and operating system functions like Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Print Screen etc. are strictly prohibited, and any acts of dishonesty will result in invalidation.

[Preliminary Round]

All participants are asked to submit the 1) full script file and the 2) voice record file for the preliminary round. The script should not consist of talking points but should include the full script they will be presenting in the final round, and they must record the same contents with the script within the time limit.

(Elementary school track: 3 min, Middle school track: 4 min, High school track: 4 min, University track: 5 min)

[Final Round]

The topics for the final round are not renewed. Therefore, speech contents for the final round must be identical to the script file submitted in the preliminary round. All participants will be asked to present their speeches in front of the examiners without a script. Only minor changes of words are allowed, and any other difference between the script and the speech will be considered as a lack of effort for memorizing. After the presentations, further questions related to the speech may be asked.

As part of a monitoring and further examination, the entire contest procedure will be recorded. All participants are considered to consent to the video/audio recordings and the use of recordings being used by the GLEC Secretariat. The use of recordings may include: supervision, examination, edit, website post, etc.

All submitted files (preliminary round) and recorded videos (final round) will go through a multi-stage evaluation based on the GLEC scoring criteria given on the website.

Preliminary round takes an absolute grading system in which applicants are determined to either pass or fail based on the pre-specified performance standards. However, the final round takes a relative grading system in which applicants are graded based on the score compared to the other.

See GLEC scoring criteria here

[Refund Policy]

1. Student Nominees should not make payment for the preliminary round. If you already have completed the payment, you will be asked to pay the balance for the final round rather than being reimbursed.

2. Students who decide to withdraw the participation should contact the GLEC Secretariat at glec@hopetofuture.org within the online application period. A full refund will be granted only for cancellations prior to the preliminary round application deadline.

3. Students who decide not to participate in the final round should not make payment for the final round registration fee, but will not be refunded the online application fee according to the GLEC Terms and Regulations.

4. Any refund will be processed within 2~3 working days, but any international transaction delays can occur.

GLEC Secretariat does not request the passport copy to those who were not awarded from the competition.

All winners must submit the documents that can prove their qualification (i.e. Passport Copy, ID Card issued by the national authority, Immigration Record, Certificate of Entry & Exit, etc.) within 1 month from the award announcement. Otherwise, both award and prize will be canceled and the participant will be disqualified for future GLEC events.

We inform you that the participants themselves are responsible for any disadvantages that may occur if the information submitted at the time of application is falsified.

On the date of final competition, all participants will go through the ID verification procedure in the Zoom waiting room based on the submitted photos and Zoom screens. Thus, it is recommended to submit the most recent photos with your clearly visible face on the image. (No passport copy)

If anyone wishes to change the photo, log in to the website and click ‘My Page’ on the right top corner. Any details should be updated before the final round.

Any participant can choose the participating sector(s) among: Speech only, Essay only, or Speech & Essay. Please indicate (a) sector(s) you are willing to participate in on your application form and complete the payment based on your application.

For those who participate in both sectors, the GLEC Secretariat may adjust the final round date/time to not interrupt one another.

Submit your online application form here

If you have submitted the online application form through the website, a confirmation email will be sent within 2 working days. If you have not been updated for more than a week, please check the spam mailbox and your email address.

Make your GLEC account here

Submit your online application form here

Complete your application fee payment here

All should follow the criteria given by the GLEC Evaluation Committee since we cannot reflect all different academic curriculums. Thus, any participant should apply based on the grade at the time of application.

If you are a middle school student at the time of online application (August) and become a high school student at the time of award announcement (October), please apply for the Middle school track.

Any track (Elementary School / Middle School / High School / University) should be decided according to the grade you are studying in, not the school you are attending since each school follows a different academic curriculum.

Thus, even though you are studying in an Elementary School and in Grade 6, please choose a 'Middle School Track' for GLEC competitions.

For those who do not go to school, please indicate 'Homeschool' when you are asked to write your school/institution name, and choose a track (Elementary School / Middle School / High School / University) based on your age groups.

If you are a 14-year-old homeschooler, you are regarded as a Grade 7 student, so please apply for the Middle School Track.