Youth Training Program on the United Nations

(UN Headquarters in New York, USA)

The winners of the regional final round will receive full/partial scholarships to participate in the following education programs. We hope to provide global youth with opportunities to be actively engaged in UN-related activities and to foster their capacities as global citizens of the international society.

※ Below are the list of winner benefits, please find the details on your country's official website.

Host: Hope to the Future Association

In cooperation with Group Programmes Unit Visitors Services, UN Department of Global Communications in New York  (

The Youth Training Program on the United Nations is a global education program led by Hope to the Future Association for students aged 15~18 or middle school and high school students. Participants will not only visit the UN Headquarters in New York, USA and Geneva, Switzerland but will also be able to discuss global issues with UN high officials. Through this program, participants will be able to learn about international affairs both academically and practically, have an opportunity to network with UN officials, ambassadors, and NGO officials, and finally, learn tips on how to build a career at the UN.

List of the Lecture Organizations

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