Yale University Model United Nations

(Yale University in New Haven, USA)

The winners of the regional final round will receive full/partial scholarships to participate in the following education programs. We hope to provide global youth with opportunities to be actively engaged in UN-related activities and to foster their capacities as global citizens of the international society.

※ Below are the list of winner benefits, please find the details on your country's official website.

Host: Yale University

Non-profit Partner: Save the Children

Delegation Partner: Hope to the Future Association

The Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually on Yale University’s campus in New Haven, USA. Students from all over the world participate to debate global issues and work to diplomatically resolve them. Participants are given roles of UN representatives, international bodies, and national cabinets, and engage in wide-ranging political, social, and economic topics that range from economic development to human rights.

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Hope to the Future Association supports the Sustainable Development Goals.