1. Before registering for the Global Leadership English Challenge, please check if you are on the right track.

  • Elementary School Track: Grade 4-5
  • Middle School Track: Grade 6-8
  • High School Track: Grade 9-12
  • University Track: Graduate/Undergraduate

2. All participants should submit the Application Form prior to the payment procedure.

3. Refund Policy

  • Student Nominees should not make payment for the preliminary round. If you already have completed the payment, you will be asked to pay the balance for the final round rather than being reimbursed.
  • Students who decide to withdraw their participation should contact the GLEC Secretariat at within the payment period. A full refund will be granted only for cancellations prior to the deadline.
  • Students who decide not to participate in the final round should not make payment for the final round registration fee, but will not be refunded the online application fee according to the GLEC Terms and Regulations.
  • Any refund will be processed within 2~3 working days, but any international transaction delays can occur.