Speech Preliminary Round
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Before registering for the Global Leadership English Challenge India, please check if you are on the right track.

  • Elementary School Track: Grade 4-5
  • Middle School Track: Grade 6-8
  • High School Track: Grade 9-12
  • University Track: Graduate/Undergraduate

GLEC India 2021 [Preliminary Round]

The contest will be held with the theme “Covid-19 Pandemic and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All participants should confirm their participation at GLEC online platform.

To make sure that your transfer isn't delayed, please double-check that the name on your bank account matches the name on the website. If the names don't match, we won't be able to confirm your payment.

Please contact us timely with the transaction record if you have transferred your fee with your parent's name or others.

▶ Email: glec@hopetofuture.org

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GLEC India Schedule

Preliminary Rond
Online Registration & Payment
2021/11/01 - 2021/11/30

A confirmation email will be sent within 2 working days.

(Online-based at https://gleader.org)

File Submission2021/11/01 - 2021/12/13Only confirmed students can submit their contest files.
Normal Applicants: http://essay.gleader.org/india
Student Nominees: http://essay.gleader.org/nomination

Result Announcement

Informed through individual emails and notice board
Final Round
2021/12/20 - 2021/12/30
Online-based at https://gleader.org
Identification Slip Print
2021/12/31 - 2022/01/05
Individual Registration No., contest date/time will be informed.
Final Competition
2022/01/08 - 2022/01/09
Award Announcement
All submitted files and recorded videos are evaluated by the GLEC Evaluation Committee. (Scoring Criteria (click))
Certificate Print2022/01/24 - 2022/02/24Print available for 4 weeks from the award announcement.