1. Registration & Payment (Required for all participants)

Final Round Registration Period: 30 December 2021 - 7 January 2022

All qualified students for the final round (including student nominees) should make payment for the final round. Payments should be made no later than 7 January 2022 and you will not able to attend the final round unless your payment is completed within the given date. Please contact us timely if you experience any problems.

If you choose to deposit your registration fee outside Korea ($50), please use:

Bank NameCitibank Korea Inc
Account Number107-00583-436-01
Amount50 USD

If you choose to deposit your registration fee in Korea (60,000원), please use:

금액60,000 KRW

2. Identification Slip (Admission Ticket)

Identification Slip Print: 10 January 2022 - 14 January 2022

  • Identification Slip (Admission Ticket) will be provided after the Final Round Registration Period.
  • Make sure to print out the Identification Slip with your individual Registration No. for the identification procedure. If you participate in both sectors (Speech and Essay), please bring your ID slip for each sector.
  • Exam Date and Time cannot be changed manually. Enter Zoom room at your designated Entrance Time, and follow the guidance of the GLEC Vietnam Secretariat. Being late or absent will affect your score.
  • Due to the Covid-19, the entire process of the Global Leadership English Challenge 2021 will be held online. Participants must prepare an internet connection, personal computer with a camera, microphone and speaker (Both Speech and Essay participants).

3. Final Round

  • Zoom Test Meeting (click)
  • All participants must participate in the contest using a computer with a camera and a working microphone. Do not attempt using a tablet or a mobile phone.
  • Be seated and record the video with a plain background behind you.
  • Check the lighting in the room to ensure that your face is clearly visible.
  • Plagiarism, surfing the internet, using shortcuts and operating system functions like Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Print Screen etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • As part of a monitoring and further examination, the entire contest procedure will be recorded. All participants are considered to consent to the video/audio recordings and the use of recordings being used by the GLEC Vietnam Secretariat. The use of recordings may include: supervision, examination, edit, website post, etc.
  • We consider the following to be acts of dishonesty. If we discover that you have engaged in any of the following while participating in the contest, your results will be invalidated.
    • Opening another webpage or browsing another website
    • Using notes, smartphones or other materials
    • Talking on the phone or to other people
    • Someone other than you takes any portion of the contest
    • Someone else is in the room while you are taking the contest
    • Other dishonest acts

4. Certificate of Participation

Award Announcement: 14 February 2022

The GLEC Secretariat appreciates all participants' hard work and sincere effort to learn more about the United Nations and current international issues.

All participants including those who have not been awarded are given the Certificate of Participation for the final round as proof of qualification. (Print available for 4 weeks from the announcement)

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