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Preliminary Round
Online Application & Payment

Student Nomination (click for guidelines)

2022/06/13 - 2022/06/30

Each applicant should

1) sign up for the website

2) complete the fee payment OR submit a recommendation letter

Signing up for the website does not confirm your application.

A confirmation email will be sent within 2 working days.

A nomination should be completed within the application period.

File Submission2022/07/01 - 2022/07/20All applicants should submit their contest files.
GLEC Online Platform is only open during the File Submission Period.

Result Announcement

Informed through individual emails and notice board.
Final Round
Registration & Payment
2022/08/01 - 2022/08/10
Online-based at
Identification Slip Print
2022/08/11 - 2022/08/19
Individual Registration No., contest date/time will be informed.
Final Round Competition
2022/08/20 - 2022/08/21
Award Announcement
All submitted files and recorded videos are evaluated by the GLEC Evaluation Committee.
Certificate Print2022/09/20 - 2022/10/20Print available for 4 weeks from the award announcement.

Preliminary Round

Online Application & Payment / Nomination 2022/06/13 - 2022/06/30

[Step 1] Register and make your GLEC account with your own personal details.

[Step 2] Request a nomination from your school or instructor.

[Step 3] If you choose to join without nomination, make payment for the preliminary round application fee.

[Step 4] Any nomination should also be completed within the period.

A confirmation email will be sent within 2 working days. If you have not been updated for more than a week, please check the spam mailbox and your email address!

File Submission 2022/07/01 - 2022/07/20

Any students who have completed the 1) Online Application and 2) Application Fee Payment will be able to access the GLEC online platform, and all documents are to be uploaded (or written) within the file submission period.


  • Speech: Full-script for presentation, Voice record file in MP3, WAV, or M4A Format
  • Essay: Full-essay

Result Announcement 2022/08/01

All submitted files (Essay, Speech script, Speech record) are evaluated by the GLEC Evaluation Committee consisting of UN experts and native professors.

Each student will be evaluated through an absolute grading system for the preliminary round, based on the GLEC Scoring Criteria (click).

Final Round

Final Round Registration & Payment 2022/08/01 - 2022/08/10

All qualified students for the final round including student nominees should complete the payment ($50 per sector) for the final round no later than 2022/08/10.

Any finalists who did not complete the final round payment may NOT be able to participate in the final round.

Identification Slip Print 2022/08/11 - 2022/08/19

All finalists should bring the Identification Slip (Admission Ticket) provided after the final round registration period since the Registration Number will be used for the ID verification procedure.

The slip includes individual Registration Number, Date/Time, and Zoom link.

Enter Zoom room at your designated Entrance Time, and follow the guidance of the GLEC Secretariat.

Being late or absent will affect your score.

Final Round 2022/08/20 - 2022/08/21

All participants must participate in the contest using a computer with a camera and a working microphone (both Speech and Essay).