1. What is Student Nomination?

Each school or institution can nominate its students as a qualifier upon their own scholarship criteria, and the nominated students will:

1) Be waived a registration fee ($30) for the preliminary round.

2) Pass the preliminary round being regarded as a well-qualified student recommended by the institution.

(Student nominees are waived to submit voice record files and essays but still MUST log in to the platform and provide consent to the GLEC Rules and Conditions.)

2. How to be nominated? (For students)

Step 1: Sign up to the website prior to the nomination from your school/institution with your own personal details. (Not guardian's or agent's)

Step 2: Request nomination from your school/institution. The instructor should directly contact the GLEC Secretariat with the Nomination Form.

Step 2: You will be given the Nomination No. when admitted from the GLEC Secretariat. Do NOT share your numbers with other applicants since the numbers are provided only for you.

Step 3: Do not purchase tickets for the preliminary round. 

Step 4: Confirm your participation and provide consent at GLEC online platform. (Required until 24 December 2021)

  • Essay sector participants should NOT submit any essays. New topics will be given for the Final Round.
  • Speech sector participants should submit their scripts within the given period based on the preliminary round topics. Make sure to submit a full-script with the contents you will be presenting in the final round. (Talking points or summary is NOT allowed.)

Step 6: Make sure to make payment ($50 per sector) for the final round regardless of nominations.

3. How to nominate students? (For instructors)

Step 1: Download the “Student Nomination Form” and "Official Nomination Request Form" below.

Step 2: Send the filled form to the GLEC Secretariat (glec@hopetofuture.org) for admission.

Step 3: GLEC Secretariat will reply within 1~2 working days with individual Nomination No. for each student. (If a student did not sign up to the website prior to the nomination, his nomination will be DENIED by the GLEC Secretariat. Make sure to indicate a student's email address which is identical to the ID on the website.)

Step 4: Provide the Nomination No. to your students.

4. Inquiry

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