When you apply for the GLEC competition, you can choose your application category; General Applicant or Nominated Applicant.

You must fully prepare for the required document(s) before you complete the application. Students who prove themselves to be qualified enough by submitting the recommendation letter will get a GLEC application fee waived!

Am I a Nominated Applicant?

To be considered for the nominated applicant, you may have:

  • Outstanding academic contributions
  • Volunteer leadership or asset
  • Knowledge sharing with peers
  • Profound interest in global issues and the works of the United Nations

If you think you are qualified enough, request your school teacher to sign the recommendation letter for you! Then you will:

  • Get the GLEC application fee ($30) waived for the preliminary round
  • Automatically move to the final round

For students

Choose the application category between the General Applicant

and the Nominated Applicant. If you have decided to apply as

the Nominated Applicant, download the below form and request

an official signature from your school teacher.

Apply for the GLEC competition by signing up for the website here,

and the application will be admitted only if you attach the

signed recommendation letter with your application.

Once your nomination is admitted, you will be receiving

the confirmation email from the GLEC Secretariat

with file submission guidelines.

Do not purchase tickets for the preliminary round.

Nominated applicants are only required to pay for the final round.

Submit your entry file(s) as instructed

within the preliminary round period.

Speech participants must submit all required files

(full script, voice recording) to be fully qualified for the final round.

The script should include the complete content to be given in the final round.

Essay participants are not required to submit any essays at this step,

but recommended studying the given topic according to the track

overall before the final round, since topics for the final round

are still based on the main SDG Goal.

If you are considered as a qualified finalist, you will be informed

through an email with the final round registration and payment guidelines.

For teachers

Each teacher can nominate up to 20 students who are believed to

have a reasonable chance of passing the preliminary round.

We encourage teachers to nominate some students who would

experience a financial burden experiencing the academic event.

If you are nominating more than 1 student, you don't have to

sign all 20 different forms but send the signed

recommendation form with the nomination list

directly to the GLEC Secretariat at

As we will use the email address as the

primary method for contacting students and teachers

regarding the competition, please guide

any students not to use more than one email address.

Once the entire nomination is admitted, you will be receiving

the confirmation email from the GLEC Secretariat.

If you have not been updated for 3 days, you will get an

email asking you to confirm the student information - please also

check your spam folder as heavy emails occasionally

end up there.

Even after the confirmed nomination, Speech participants will be

required to submit the entry files (full script, voice recording)

to our unique submission platform (click here).

If the nominated student is considered to be fully qualified for the final round,

each student will be informed through an email with

the final round registration and payment guidelines.

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