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‘UN SDG Book Club’ is a youth book discussion group initiated by the United Nations Publications, to teach the international youth about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But reading is just the first step. The ‘Intensive Reading/Writing Study’ is an intensive and professional English class based on the high-end English books selected by the UN selection committee including the UN Publications and the International Publisher Association in New York, USA, etc. Based on the international model UN curriculum, the study program consists of individual/group English discussions and/or case studies, Model iBT TOEFL test, and expert feedback using the US Educational Testing Service (ETS). All participants are expected to achieve in-depth educational book reading skills as well as report writing skills by writing academic essays on the monthly theme, 2030 Agenda, and the UN SDGs.

Program Schedule (8-week)



October 15 (Sat.)

  • Opening
  • Understanding the SDGs


October 22 (Sat.)

  • Understanding the SDGs
  • Monthly Theme (SDG 4: Quality Education & SDG 5: Gender Equality) Study
  • SDGs Presentation


October 29 (Sat.)

  • Book Discussion from UN Selection Committee's Reading List
  • [Assignment] Book report on Malala (Author: Malala Yousafzai | ISBN: 9781526361592)


November 5 (Sat.)

  • [Special Lecture] Introduction to International Model United Nations


November 12 (Sat.)


November 19 (Sat.)

  • Academic Writing 1 – Academic Vocabulary
    Words NOT to use in academic writing
    Inappropriate words and phrases
    Expanding academic vocabulary


November 26 (Sat.)

  • Academic Writing 2 – Organizing Paragraphs
    Structuring a text
    Linking ideas
    Answering the question properly


December 5 (Sat.)

  • Academic Writing 3 – Case Studies
    Executive Summary – Background – Case Evaluation – Proposed Solutions – Conclusion – Implementation – References
  • [Assignment] Short Essay (500~700 words) (choose one)
    Topic 1: What are some practical ways to improve access to quality education and life-long learning and deliver genuine impact both on people and sustainable development?
    Topic 2: Which are the most critical interlinkages between SDG 4 and other goals and targets across the 2030 Agenda?
    Topic 3: What are key recommendations to ensure the gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda and how can accountability for gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs be enhanced?

Essay Feedback based on ETS Criterion and TOEFL Writing Standards

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