GLEC KoreaHow can I confirm my entry submission file(s)?

If you are facing any difficulties with the GLEC Online Platform (, please follow the below instructions.

1. Login

If the pop-up appears, it means that part(s) of your login details (Username, Date of Birth (YYYYMMDD)) are incorrect. Please make sure to retrieve your Username from the confirmation email sent by the GLEC Secretariat.
*The website distinguishes capital letters, blanks, and punctuation marks. If you are unsure about the login details, please inquire us via email.

2. Voice Record File

When your entry files are final, this pop-up appears and you are not able to revise the submissions. We have manually restored all submissions from 'Final' to 'In Progress,' thus, any participants who are willing to revise or confirm their entry files can re-login and track their entry file(s).

*Make sure that the website does not allow using shortcuts and operating system functions like Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Print Screen, etc. to prevent any plagiarism and dishonest acts. We have very many blank submissions with 0 or 1 word count, so please type your essay directly to the box (do not copy and paste), click 'Save and View' to check if they are complete, and then click 'Final Submission.'

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