GLEC VietnamUpdates for Winner Benefits Program

※ All privileged programs awarded to winners are valid for 2 years.

Dear student,

We, the GLEC Secretariat, sent out the winner's package to all winners, and it is expected to arrive within mid-September at the latest. Please refer to the notes below and apply for the program you have won or are eligible for (even though you are not an awardee).

*For those who have not yet submitted the passport or address information, please timely contact us to confirm your ID.

1. Global GLEC Conference

  • The Global GLEC Conference (GGC) is an international academic conference where worldwide GLEC winners from South Korea, Vietnam, India, China, and talented students from each country interact with one another. Participants from all around the globe will be able to seek methods of cooperation on the international agenda through lectures by UN experts and team debates related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, students are expected to develop capacity as global citizens through opportunities to cultivate global leadership, exchange or experience various cultures and develop their future careers through presentation training and career development sessions. The conference may take place in South Korea, Vietnam, India, and China in rotation, however, venues may change considering the worldwide Covid-19 circumstances.
  • Program Duration: 3-day (January 13-15)
  • Venue: Zoom
  • The application will open in late November.

2. Training Program on the United Nations

  • The ‘Training Program on the United Nations’ is a premier pedagogical program on the UN agenda led by UN high representatives and staff from international organizations over the globe. Both domestic and international students from middle school or high school from all over the world will be able to discuss global issues with UN high officials. Through this program, participants will be able to learn about international affairs both academically and practically, have an opportunity to network with UN officials, ambassadors, and NGO officials, and finally, learn tips on how to build a career at the UN.
  • The 'Training Program on the United Nations' is open to all participants who are 1) aged more than 14-year-old, and 2) interested in the works of the United Nations and international organizations. All participants should be very fluent in English being able to understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, especially on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Program Duration: 4-day (October 29-30, November 5-6)
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Official website:
  • Application (due September 30):

3. UN SDG Book Club: Intensive English Study

  • The ‘UN SDG Book Club’ is a youth book discussion group initiated by the United Nations Publications, to teach the international youth about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But, reading is just the first step. The ‘Intensive Reading/Writing Study’ is an intensive and professional English class based on the high-end English books selected by the UN selection committee including the UN Publications and the International Publisher Association in New York, USA. Based on the international model UN curriculum, the study program consists of individual/group English discussions and/or case studies, Model IBT TOEFL test, and expert feedback using the US Educational Testing Service (ETS). All participants are expected to achieve in-depth educational book reading skills as well as report writing skills by writing academic essays on the monthly theme, 2030 Agenda, and the UN SDGs.
  • The 'Intensive English Study' is open to all participants who are 1) aged more than 12-year-old, and 2) interested in reading books, sharing experiences, and writing essays. However, some students may not be able to participate if their levels do not match with other students.
  • Program Duration: 8-week (October 15 - December 5)
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Official website:
  • Application (due September 20):

4. <Important> Yale International Model United Nations

  • The Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually on Yale University’s campus in New Haven, USA. Students from all over the world participate to discuss global issues related to the UN and drive possible solutions on their own. Participants are given roles of UN representatives, international bodies, and national cabinets, and engage in wide-ranging political, social, and economic topics that range from economic development to human rights.

    Yale Model United Nations is one of the most authoritative Model UN events worldwide. Students will be able to develop an ability to deal with debate and widen their sight by cooperating with students from different cultures.

  • In case of YMUN, we were planning to provide the scholarships with 100% financial support for the virtual conferences, however, the YMUN conference will take place fully in person at Yale University (Connecticut, USA) according to the recent updates ( Since each delegate must participate as a group of delegation with advisor(s), we are expecting to participate as a delegation of ‘Hope to the Future Association’ with a size of 40 delegates consisting of GLEC winners and student representatives from Korea. If you are interested in participating in the in-person YMUN conference in January, please read the attached “GLEC YMUN Details” carefully, and contact us by replying to this email for reimbursement if you are NOT willing to go abroad.
  • Official website:
  • Application for YMUN (In-person, 3-day): (due September 30)
  • Application for YMUN + Youth Outreach Program at UNHQ (In-person, 11-day): (due September 30)

5. WFUNA Model United Nations

  • The WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN), which will be held in New York, USA, strives to create the most accurate simulation of the United Nations in the world and was awarded the “Best Large Conference” in 2019 and 2017 by MyMUN. As the most global MUN, it has previously  been held in India, Brazil, and Switzerland. Participants will deal with topics that are the current issues that are being handled by the UN. They will not only engage in the UN simulation, but WIMUN also offers training workshops led by UN officials, briefings on crucial agendas dealt by UN agencies, and a separate conference session which will expose participants to new topics and crucial.
  • The application is not open yet.

6. Essay Evaluation Voucher

  • The Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation service is a web-based, instructor-led writing tool that helps students plan, write and revise their essays. It gives them immediate diagnostic feedback and more opportunities to practice writing at their own pace. The Criterion service provides instructors, schools, or students with a comprehensive writing solution to help concentrate on higher-level writing skills and areas of improvement.

    The Criterion service benefits instructors, schools, and students alike. It allows students to improve their writing skills while working independently with immediate, detailed feedback on grammar, spelling, mechanics, usage, and organization and development.

  • The vouchers for winners will be delivered by individual emails including the ID code and Password for ETS Criterion. Any winners with the vouchers will be able to log in to the platform, submit their essays, provided feedback on grammar, spelling, mechanics, and usage.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to us via email: with the subject line ‘Winner Benefit Inquiry.’


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