Updates and news Global Leadership English Challenge India coming soon!

13 Nov 2021

'Global Leadership English Challenge (GLEC)' is an international English Speech and Essay competition on the topics of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the world facing seemingly unresolvable matters, which range from environmental issues to refugee crises, GLEC aims to raise awareness and understanding of contemporary global issues of the participating students. Participants are expected to share their views on current issues and offer potential solutions to multifaceted global problems on the given themes based on their grade level.

Participants will go through two stages (preliminary round and final round) in their respective countries, and the final round winners will be invited to participate in the GLEC Global Conference (GGC) (See More), a four-day international academic conference on the UN and the SDGs. Participants in the global conference will meet and exchange with UN high officials, scholars, ambassadors, international organization experts, and participating students from other countries. Through these events, GLEC will work as a stepping stone for participating students who wish to be future leaders in solving global challenges.