GLEC VietnamWinner's Package is Coming Soon!

Dear student,

Congratulations again on your awards for the Global Leadership English Challenge Vietnam 2022.

GLEC is an international English public speech and essay writing contest for students on the subject of the UN and international issues, calling on the participation of the youth by selecting the theme of the competition as an annual UN agenda or desirable targets for everyone. We were so impressed by your work that you put a lot of effort into learning about the SDGs and international issues, as the world continuously emphasizes the advancement of youth development.

We really appreciate you for enduring a long wait for the update, and your cooperation with the individual identification verification procedure. We have confirmed all the details from the winners and the authorization from the organization and shipped out all the packages within and outside Korea, where the Headquarters is located in. We have confirmed that some have already arrived to the places, however, considering the international shipping delays caused by the summer holidays, we expect other packages to arrive within late September.

If you do not receive the package by the end of September, don't hesitate to get in touch with us timely at

Please find your winner benefits in the attached ‘Winner Benefit Program Details’ below.

*In the case of Yale MUN, we have been informed by the YMUN team that the conference is planned for in-person for the upcoming January event. (Timelines available at Each delegate for MUN must have at least one advisor unless over 18 years old, and Hope to the Future Association can be a delegation for GLEC winners if they are not in another team (i.e., school MUN club, national team, etc.) However, considering that YMUN does not offer virtual participation options, participating students are responsible for both accommodations and transportation for YMUN. We are thus redesigning the event and will make sure to update you as soon as the details are confirmed.

Any inquiries regarding the winner benefits can be made directly to the GLEC Secretariat at


GLEC Secretariat

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