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The ‘Training Program on UN SDGs’ is a premier pedagogical program on the United Nations Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program aims to incorporate sustainable development into schools globally by training the domestic and international youth to advocate and re-commit to seeking global solutions for global problems with a value of multilateralism.

It consists of diverse educational curriculums, including lectures by experts on the UN, NGOs, and international organizations, which can help the youth to understand the current global society with expertise. Furthermore, it also provides special session by former diplomats or ambassadors, which deal with international affairs and relations of each nation. It also includes career development session led by young leaders currently working at diverse civil society organizations or global firms.

Program Outline


  • Hope to the Future Association


  • Training Program on UN SDGs


  • 29 October (Sat.) – 6 November (Sun.) 2022


  • Online platform ZOOM


  • English


  • Grade 8 – 12
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English


  • More than 10 Live-Streamed courses led by UN DGC associated international NGO
  • Issued Certificate of Completion
  • Available for Ivy League Webinar
  • Published Individual Academic Report (softcopy)
  • Daily essay evaluation service by ETS Criterion (Maximum 10 submissions)

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