GLEC 2023Important Guidelines for GLEC 2023 Final Round

All finalists are advised to read the below Important Notes carefully and prevent missing any details.

  1. ID Slip Printout: We have dispatched the ID Slips via email and kindly request that you print them out on paper prior to the competition and bring them with you. It is imperative to have a physical copy, rather than solely displaying a pdf file on your computer, as the use of a pdf file may be perceived as a dishonest act.
    *Your ID Slip serves as your final round ticket and comprises your unique Registration Number, entrance time, and Zoom URL for each participant. Failure to present your ID Slip may lead to disqualification as a finalist.

  2. Zoom Entrance: All finalists must join the Zoom room at their scheduled ‘Entrance Time,’ which is 30 minutes before the ‘Exam Time.’ Tardiness or absenteeism may adversely impact your score. All times are in KST (Korean Standard Time), although you can convert them to your time zone using the following link:오후1229&tz2=Korea-Standard-Time-KST

  3. Technology Usage: The Global Leadership English Challenge 2023 will be conducted entirely online, and participants are required to arrange for an internet connection and ONLY ONE personal computer with a camera, microphone, and speaker (for both Speech and Essay participants). The use of smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited. Please be informed that participants' IPs will be monitored, and anyone discovered to have used multiple devices will be disqualified without prior notice.

  4. Recording Policy: As part of our monitoring and examination procedure, we will be recording the entire contest. By participating in the contest, you grant your consent to the video/audio recordings and their potential utilization by the GLEC 2023 Secretariat further. The use of recordings may include: supervision, examination, edit, website post, etc.

  5. Judging Criteria: All speeches, essays, and recordings for the final round will go through a multi-stage examination and evaluation based on the below scoring criteria by the GLEC Evaluation Committee consisting of UN experts, SDGs advocates, and native professors. More detailed criteria can be found at our official website:

  6. Test Meeting: To ensure a stable connection before the competition, please use this link to join a test meeting:

Speech Final

  • Each speech will be made in a separate room, with one staff and two judging panels. Any final speeches should be based on the script but participants should not bring cue cards or scripts for their speeches. Looking directly into the lens is equivalent to giving proper eye contact, and reading the scripts represents a poorly prepared speech.
  • Prior to the speech, participants must set their speaking area:

- Participants must stand at least 1 meter from the camera and show their faces and half of their bodies. Ensure that the camera is mounted or secured to prevent movement during the speech.

- Ensure that virtual backgrounds or blurred images should not be used during the speech.

- Ensure good lighting in the area so that the judges can see the participants’ facial expressions.

- Check audio to ensure that the microphone is clearly picking up the voice from where they are standing.

Essay Final

  • Essay topics will be informed on the final round date, based on the same SDG Goal provided in the preliminary round. The overall study is recommended, and any web surfing, opening a new tab, or bringing notes is strongly prohibited.
  • See preliminary round topics:

For more details, please note the attached ‘Final Round Guidelines.’

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