GLEC VietnamAward Announcement for GLEC Vietnam 2022

Dear participants,

Warmest greetings from GLEC Vietnam Secretariat!

Thank you again to those who have participated in the Global Leadership English Challenge.

GLEC has been an international English public speech and essay writing competition for students on the subject of the UN and international issues, calling on the participation of the youth by selecting the theme of the competition as an annual UN agenda or desirable targets for everyone. We were so impressed by all the submitted works that you put a lot of effort into learning about the SDGs, as the world continuously emphasizes the advancement of youth development.

We hope this opportunity or participation, regardless of the award, would surely be a rewarding and meaningful experience for all participating students, exposing themselves to obtaining deep knowledge on the given topics.

All documents have been through a screening procedure by the GLEC Evaluation Committee, and the list of awardees is now released.

*GLEC Vietnam 2022 Award Announcement:

Important Note

  • All finalists (regardless of being awarded or not) are provided the 'Certificate of Qualification' to prove themselves to be qualified participants for the final round. However, the printing service from the website ( is available for only 4 weeks from the announcement. (Print available 2022/06/27 - 2022/07/31)
  • Award Certificate is only provided as an original paper copy and be delivered to each address, and should NOT be downloaded or printed from the website. Any illegal documentation might cancel your award.
  • All Speech & Essay winners MUST submit an address to receive the Award Certificate to us at by 30 July 2022 with a subject line of 'Winner's Package Address Information' including the exact address with the building number and the contact number of the recipient.
  • All Speech winners MUST also submit a copy of their passport for the verification of nationality (Domestic / International) by 30 July 2022. In case you got your nationality incorrectly, your award might get cancelled, so please kindly make sure to submit the requirements within the deadline.
  • Winner benefit program details can be found in the attached pdf file. Please keep yourself updated with the timeline and submit the application form ( accordingly.

Please contact us at for any contest-related inquiries.


GLEC Vietnam Secretariat

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