GLEC IndiaWinner's Package is Coming Soon!

Dear GLEC India participants,

We, the GLEC Secretariat, have just completed the nationality verification procedure with all winners from GLEC India 2021. We have been preparing for sending out the winner's package to all local and international winners, including the benefit program details and application procedure. Considering the international shipping delays caused by the long new year's holidays globally, any packages may arrive within March.

If you do not receive the package by the end of March, please contact us timely at

For your reference, we are attaching the program schedules for Winner Benefit Programs:

1. UN SDG Book Club: Intensive Writing Study

  • 'Intensive Writing Study' is open to all participants who are 1) aged more than 12-year-old, and 2) interested in reading books, sharing experiences, and writing essays. However, some students may not be able to participate if their levels do not match with other students. All related details including the application procedure and detailed program schedule will be included in the package!
  • Program Duration: 8-week-curriculum (classes on weekends), June 2022 (scheduled)
  • Venue: Online Platform Zoom
  • Apply at

2. Training Program on the United Nations and the SDGs

  • 'Training Program on the United Nations' is open to all participants who are 1) aged more than 14-year-old, and 2) interested in the works of the United Nations and international organizations. All participants should be very fluent in English being able to understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, especially on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Program Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days, August 2022 (scheduled) *Exact date/time will be confirmed considering the United Nations calendar.
  • Venue: Online Platform Zoom
  • Apply at

Any inquires regarding the winner benefits can be made directly to the GLEC Secretariat at


GLEC India Secretariat

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