Annual Theme

As an annual UN-related premier English competition, GLEC aims to engage the youth more to achieve the common goal for the entire humanity and the planet by proposing creative solutions on global challenges. Share your view on current global issues and offer potential solutions on the given themes.

If you are a Speech applicant, you will be asked to memorize your script for your final round speech. However, if you are an Essay applicant, you will be given a new topic for the final round based on the same SDG goal given.

Grade 4 - 6

Elementary School Track

Education is one of the basic human rights and the fooundation on which to build peace and drive sustainable development. However, according to the Education in a Post-COVID World published by UNESCO, more than 1.5 billion students were impacted by the critical educational deficiencies.

The Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education aims to prevent a learning crisis for just, equal, and inclusive peaceful societies. Describe how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed instructional classes, and propose strategies to deal with digital interaction, remote educational support, teacher networking, and more.

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Grade 7 - 9

Middle School Track

As Russia and Ukraine are still at war, the world is facing not only military confrontation, but also economic and social ones. UN Secretary-General António Guterres cautioned that the war is setting in motion a crisis that is also devastating global energy markets, disrupting the financial system and exacerbating extreme vulnerabilities for the developing world.

The Sustainable Development Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth recognizes the importance of high levels of economic productivity for well-paid jobs and resource efficiency. But downgrade in growth prospects after the war attacks the world’s largest economies as well as other developed and developing countries. What are your thoughts on the economic and social impact of the war in Ukraine? Describe specifically using reasons and examples.

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Grade 10 - 12

High School Track

Although the world is aiming to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact with the Sustainable Development Goal 13 – Climate Action, the ocean is warmer more acidic and less productive, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). At the same time, we are suffering from natural disasters more often and harder. After Türkiye and Syria were devastated by earthquakes, it became more clear.    

As such, we are currently facing two problems: global warming and natural disasters. Do you think there is a correlation between those two? If so, explain the reason in detail.

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