Yale Model United Nations

Host: Yale University

The Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually on Yale University’s campus in New Haven, USA.

Students from all over the world participate to discuss global issues related to the UN and drive possible solutions on their own. Participants are given roles of UN representatives, international bodies, and national cabinets, and engage in wide-ranging political, social, and economic topics that range from economic development to human rights.

Yale Model United Nations is one of the most authoritative Model UN events worldwide. Students will be able to develop an ability to deal with debate and widen their sight by cooperating with students from different cultures.

URL to the official website: https://ymun.org/


YMUN brings together more than 2,000 delegates from over 40 countries.

This year, YMUN’s hybrid model will make the conference more accessible and engaging than ever before.


YMUN aims to empower students from high schools around the globe through deep and active engagement with complex global issues. At YMUN, delegates develop skills in diplomacy, cooperation, and critical thinking that motivate lifelong global citizenship. Delegates leave YMUN with the knowledge that they can make an impact and affect positive change in the world.


Learn Today

With our comprehensive chair recruitment and preparation procedure, we strive to create a fun, educational, dynamic committee experience for all delegates regardless of skill level. Our chairs are Yale students who are dedicated and passionate educators ready to be proactive with delegates. YMUN is also proud to provide both in-conference training and online pre-conference training.

Lead Tomorrow

Due to our commitment to learning, we hope delegates leave our conference with a greater awareness of global issues, equipped with the tools and motivation to make a difference. Through our keynote speaker, partnership with a non-profit organization, and new out-of-committee learning initiatives, we strive to integrate impact, responsibility, and action into our conference events.

Engage with Yale

Unlike many other conferences, YMUN is hosted on Yale’s beautiful campus and allows delegates and advisors to experience what our university has to offer. Following a hybrid model will allow us to engage with the Yale community in multiple ways. Even if you are participating virtually, through Yale Day, the Global Exchange Program and our Showcase, delegates will meet Yale students and professors to not only learn about international relations, but also to gain insight into college life and beyond.

Awards Criteria

Yale Model United Nations is, above all, a conference designed to teach, empower, and encourage student leadership within an academic environment. For many delegates, winning a MUN award is considered the peak of MUN success. Whereas delegates should also make sure to thoroughly enjoy their experiences, engage fully in debate, and meet and work with other delegates, awards can still be an important part of a MUN conference, as a means to recognize delegates for their strong and effective participation and leadership in committee. In order to be eligible for individual awards, delegates are required to submit their position paper to their Organ USG before the start of the first committee session. YMUN will feature both individual and delegation awards, which will be presented at Closing Ceremonies.

See more: https://ymun.org/awardscriteria

Individual Awards: Each committee will offer three categories of awards to its delegates: Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, and Honorable Mention. Number of awards available is dependent on committee size and organ.

Delegation Awards: Delegation awards are decided based on the overall performance of delegates within a delegation. There will be one Outstanding Delegation and one Best Delegation Award for each category of delegation. There are two types of delegations: Small Delegations are delegates with 15 students or less, and a Large Delegation qualifies as a delegation with over 15 delegates.

Essay Contest

Theme for 2022 Yale Model United Nations: Cultural Leaders


In keeping with our motto ‘Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,’ we want to focus on the meaning of leadership. Often the idea of leadership is confined to administrative roles in official organizations. Write an essay about someone you consider to be “a cultural leader”. Your choice can be a person who is a member of an ethnic or racial group, someone at the helm of a social or political movement, or anyone you feel fits this description. Writers may want to elaborate on what culture that leader represents, the unique ways leadership presents itself within the context of that culture, and/or how that leadership plays a role in cross-cultural interaction on the international scale. The person can be from history or your own personal experience, but should incorporate international affairs in some aspect.

See more: https://ymun.org/essay-contest

Largest and Premier UN-theme English Competition,

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